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As a measurement of technical expertise, the CSIA certifies chimney and venting professionals. The CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep ® and the CSIA Dryer Exhaust Duct Technician ® credentials are the hallmark of excellence among chimney and venting service professionals.

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If your roof has water damage or roof leaks, don't jump the gun and assume you need to start all over with a brand new roof.

We at A1 Armor Construction firmly believe that if your roof was properly installed, and is less than 15 to 20 years old, then a roof repair may resolve most roof damage rather than a complete roof replacement. Roof repairs include replacing missing shingles or roof flashing of any thing protruding through your roof.

Research has shown that proper maintenance can extend the life of a roof by over 50%.

What's involved in a roof maintenance program?

  • Inspection of complete roof area
  • Gutters & Leaders are cleaned of obstruction
  • Flash around attic fans & chimneys
  • Re-seal around any protruding pipes
  • Re-flash chimney

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Attention paid to small problems now can help you save thousands of $$$$ later on.

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Having a smoke odor problem even though the fire is off? This may be caused by any number of issues including damper needing adjustment, creosel buildup. Get a FREE Level 1 inspection from A1Armor to have the problem resolved by a certified trained professional! Let us get the comfort and enjoyment back in your living space for the holidays !

We can save you thousands of dollars with our Leak Detection and Repair Service!!! We provide service in most NJ counties, including Paramus NJ, Bergen NJ, Passaic NJ, Morris NJ, Union NJ, Wayne NJ, Warren NJ, and more ...

Finding out the exact spot for roof leaks

Leaking roofs are a common problem that is found in most of the homes and it is quite difficult to identify the root cause or the exact location of the leak as the leaks mostly do not originate from the location where they appear outwardly. The leaks are caused due to various factors and one of the main factors that causes roof leaks are extreme weather conditions.

It is very difficult to identify the actual cause in most of the roof leaks and would require the guidance of an expert to determine the exact cause. The leak may originate from cracks developed away from where it appears hence to find the exact location you should closely examine your roof.

Ways to identify the leak location

Walking over the roof and checking for a crack and loose nails can help you find the exact location for the leak. While walking around the roofs you should be very careful as some roofs like slate and clay tiles may easily break. Hence identifying cracks and broken areas of the roof can help you find the cause for the leak and take remedial measures. Hence examining the field of shingles which means the surface of the roof is one method of identifying the actual spot where the leak originates.

Sometimes leaks are caused at regions where the two roof planes are joined termed as the valley. Different roofs may have different valley like metal flashing, rolled roofing etc. valleys would create leaks if the shingles are not in proportion to each other. Hence you should ensure that the valleys are properly joined and do not have any gaps for water to pass through.

If the roof ends at a vertical wall then make sure that the metal flashings are installed and that they are about three inches away from the shingles. Leaks can happen due to holes or cracks developed over the wall step flashing, hence examining the wall step flashing which appear next to the wall. Chimneys are places where most of the houses develop leaks since they have got four types of flashings. Even a small crack over the flashings need to be identified and rectified to avoid leaks.

Plumbing vents and gaps may cause leaks hence checking for cracks and gaps would help identify the leak source. There are some leaks that occur even if your roof is perfect and have no cracks or holes and these leaks occur due to water logging and an example for such leak is an ice dam leak which is caused due to blocks over the roof. Wind blown rains can also cause leak on perfect roofs which causes the wind to blow rain under your roof causing leaks. The only way to defend such leaks is to install ice dam membranes or tar paper.

Apart from the above types of leaks there can also be other leaks which are not actual leaks but are caused due to condensation and humidity. Identifying the cause for leak and the actual spot where they originate can help you fix the problem and have a problem free roof solution.

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Tips for Keeping
Your Chimney Safe..!
  • Be sure to install a carbon monoxide (CO) detector near your furnace, and test regularly.
    Carbon monoxide is an odorless gas that can kill without warning. The gas may accumulate inside if flue or chimney is blocked.
  • Use binoculars to do a quick check of your chimney from the ground outside.
    If you see cracks or spaces in the bricks or mortar, call Armor Construction for a closer look.
  • If you see water dripping from a ceiling or around a skylight, don't panic.
    It does not necessarily mean that you need a new roof. Call Armor Construction to identify the source, and repair it without delay to prevent further damage.
  • Choose asphalt shingles of a lighter color when selecting a new roof because they reflect more sunlight.
    The darker shingles will absorb more infrared rays, contributing to wider temperature swings which can more rapidly degrade the asphalt.