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CSIA Certified
As a measurement of technical expertise, the CSIA certifies chimney and venting professionals. The CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep ® and the CSIA Dryer Exhaust Duct Technician ® credentials are the hallmark of excellence among chimney and venting service professionals.

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    Masonry Repair

As masonry structures age, several problems can develop. Among these problems are spalling of the brick faces, settlement cracks, efflorescence / staining, deteriorated or open mortar joints, loose bricks, moisture retention and severe weathering. Masonry block can also develop similar problems.

A-1 Armor Construction can provide our clients with initial inspection surveys, auxiliary repairs to other building elements such as roofs, flashings & gutters, as well as any needed masonry repairs. We have experience working on both historical and contemporary structures.

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    Why Stone

Why natural stone is a question many ask and is easily answered. Natural stone provides texture, has a range of colors and a permanency that many building materials do not offer. Not only do these features make it the perfect choice for building, natural stone will also enhance the value, elegance and integrity of your home.

  Custom Stone Stairs and Waterfalls

A-1 Armor Construction will help assit in the the initial development phases of all stone work projects, from slate patios to stone staircases to marble and stone waterfalls- we do it all. Nothing works better than natural stone. See how rock walls can work for you. Granite stairs arte durable as well as attractive. See how we make our stairs naturally beautiful.

How It works : we take a photo of your site and digitally add the landscape

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Tips for Keeping
Your Chimney Safe..!
  • Be sure to install a carbon monoxide (CO) detector near your furnace, and test regularly.
    Carbon monoxide is an odorless gas that can kill without warning. The gas may accumulate inside if flue or chimney is blocked.
  • Use binoculars to do a quick check of your chimney from the ground outside.
    If you see cracks or spaces in the bricks or mortar, call Armor Construction for a closer look.
  • If you see water dripping from a ceiling or around a skylight, don't panic.
    It does not necessarily mean that you need a new roof. Call Armor Construction to identify the source, and repair it without delay to prevent further damage.
  • Choose asphalt shingles of a lighter color when selecting a new roof because they reflect more sunlight.
    The darker shingles will absorb more infrared rays, contributing to wider temperature swings which can more rapidly degrade the asphalt.